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Anterior Hip Replacement

Having a hip replaced can restore a significant amount of quality of life, but it is a serious surgical procedure that patients should understand. Now, with the anterior hip replacement technique, qualified patients can undergo this procedure with less pain and faster recovery time and often see range of motion return almost immediately.

The UT Health East Texas Orthopedic Institute in Tyler, Henderson and Jacksonville offers the anterior approach to hip replacement, or total hip arthroplasty. This procedure allows doctors to perform a hip replacement surgery with a minimally invasive technique, creating multiple benefits for the patient.

The surgery utilizes a smaller incision on the front (anterior) of the hip rather than the back or side, generally resulting in less trauma to tissue under the skin.

Patients usually experience several benefits from the anterior approach.

  • While traditional hip replacement patients usually stay about three to five days in the hospital, those undergoing anterior hip surgery often have shorter stays – commonly one to two days.
  • Patients experience less postoperative pain.
  • Following the anterior approach, patients usually enjoy a greater range of movement almost immediately. In most cases, patients are able to use their hip normally without restrictions.
  • As the incision is on the front of the hip, patients don’t incur the pain of sitting on the incision site.
  • A smaller surgical scar is left by the anterior approach.

Not all patients are candidates for the anterior approach. The results and recovery from hip replacement depend on a multitude of factors including age, weight and activity level. Please consult with your orthopedic surgeon on what’s best for you.