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Maxwell P. Kwaku, MD

3.6 out of 5 
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Diabetes Care
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UT Health East Texas Physicians
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UT Health Tyler

1000 S. Beckham Ave.
Tyler, TX 75701

Maxwell P. Kwaku, MD, is a board-certified endocrinologist at UT Health East Texas Physicians North Campus Tyler. He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hormone-related disorders such as diabetes, thyroid, adrenal and pituitary diseases. He utilizes a team approach to health management, incorporating the services of other specialists and healthcare professionals. Dr. Kwaku also focuses on patient education.

"My approach is to provide as much information as possible to my patients, so they can control their disease and assist in their own health management. Diabetes is a lifelong, 24-hour-a-day disease. You only see a doctor once every three months. You have to know enough about the disease so that you can do things for yourself between doctor visits. I am dedicated to patient care, and my goal is to help my patients live normal lives in spite of their diseases." 


Endocrinology Fellowship: Georgetown University, Washington Hospital Center, Washington, D.C.

Internal Medicine Residency: Georgetown University, Washington Hospital Center, Washington, D.C.

Doctor of Medicine: Howard University College of Medicine, Washington, D.C.

Bachelor of Science: Howard University, Washington, D.C.

American College of Physicians, Member

The Endocrine Society, Member

American Diabetes Association, Member

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, Member

American Thyroid Association, Member

Featured Reviews



Dr Kwaku is an excellent doctor in my opinion. He almost always gives me important details about my different chronic illnesses my other doctors fail to tell me. I leave his office with new information every time and it’s useful. When he speaks, I listen.

   — Joyce


I appreciate Dr. Kwaku. I hand picked him when I moved to Texas in 2009 and have stayed with him ever since. He isn't a beat around the bush type of doctor. It is what it is. He shoots it to you straight and if you can't handle the truth - and need to be coddled and babied - he isn't the guy for you. Being in the medical field myself I understand his position and know he is right more often than not. Can he have a little gentler bedside manner? Sure. But clearly that is not his personality. He is incredibly intelligent and he always knows the latest and greatest breakthrough drugs on the market for diabetics. That is why I come to him. Because he is an excellent doctor. I don't need him to be my friend. I applaud you Dr. Kwaku.



Dr, Kwaku is an outstanding endocrinologist. He’s been so helpful and supportive in my care. And explained my options in detail and answered all my questions honestly. I think he’s great!

   — Deborah Race


He is a great doctor. Knows his business. I would recommend him to everyone. He tells you like it is no beating around the bush. Has a great bedside manor.

   — Donna Gilliland


Took plenty of time and answered all my questions. I found that he is very intelligent and expects his patient to be a thinking and active participant in their own health management. I find the approach refreshing and appreciate being treated accordingly. I received information never shared by my previous providers and feel empowered. If you want to be babied and minimally involved in your care-poor fit. If you want to be part of your team and have tools to work with-good fit

   — Susan Bivens


Dr. Kwaku is extremely knowledgeable and concerned about his patients He explains everything, the labs, DX, treatments, etc in a way for me to understand He answers all my questions and helps you feel comfortable Great doctor So happy with him.

   — Bridget Holley


I am so happy Dr. Kwaku is my doctor. He is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares for my health. He explains everything and wants me to understand my labs reports, treatment plan, diagnosis and encourages questions. Easy to talk with. He helps me to be comfortable.

   — Holley In TX


I have seen this doctor for several years now. He’s truly a blessing to have as my endocrinologist. He’s very knowledgeable and does actually care about his patients. Dr. Kwaku is very direct and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Some would consider this rude but I prefer directness. He isn’t rude but may come off this way to some. I have missed appointments and he understood after asking what happened and telling me how important it is for my health to keep my appointments (yes he did this in a direct manner). He’s the only endocrinologist that has been able to stabilize my TSH levels, as I have an absorption problem. I definitely would recommend him to my friends and family but I would also let them know about his directness. I also let them know of his thick accent as he’s not from the USA So many doctors are “too nice” but this doctor cuts out the bull snot and is straight forward, is direct, honest, and is super intelligent. Some people can’t handle hearing the truth or take responsibility for their own actions and like to make excuses. (He will be direct about these things as you and him work together to find the right direction needed for your health) He definitely isn’t for those that are soft shelled or for the faint at heart or for those that are easily offended. When reading the reviews for this doctor I was shocked as this is not the doctor I know at all. I can see how some see him as rude (again he is very direct and honest). Hopefully this review is helpful. Bottom line he’s a wonderful doctor and I would recommend him to my friends and family.

   — Tabitha Peters


Dr. Kwaku and his staff are always so helpful to me and he always takes times to answer any questions I have. I am blessed to have him as my doctor.

   — Martha Jeffrey


Someone told me Dr. Kwaki had some negative reviews on this or another site and I was surprised. I saw him for a thyroid issue earlier this year. My endocrinologist had recommended him when he retired and then my internist also suggested him. I had a wonderful experience and thought he was compassionate and professional. He explained everything to me with great care. His nurse was awesome too. I have nothing but good things to say about him and my treatment and would recommend him to my friends.

   — Tyler Texas