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Reviews for Marinel Munda, MD


Dr. Munda is the best pediatrician in the area. Hands down. Take your babies to her!

   — Nomad ‌ ‍ ‎


Dr munda takes time with her patients. And she understands the listening to the parents. She takes her time with patients. And she is very knowledgeable.

   — Jana Mom Of 3


She takes time with the my children. She also doesn’t hesitate to initiate something if it makes you more comfortable. Also, she doesn’t let things go on forever if there is a problem she wants to get to the bottom of it. Thank you Dr Munda and for being my children primary care provider. I feel so lucky to have you.

   — Jana Innerarity


Dr. Munda is the best. She has been my children's pediatrician since they were born. Very informative. Listens to your concerns without judgement. My kids just aged out of her care but I would definitely recommend her to new parents or anyone searching for a pediatrician.

   — Stephanie Lamb


Dr. Munda has been caring for our children for years. She is excellent at using observations and questions to eliminate and diagnose ailments, etc. She stays curious and continues to educate herself on the latest in medicine and studies. I’m sure I’m not the only mom who finds her positive attitude and words of encouragement to be uplifting.

   — Ellen T.


My daughter has been seeing Dr.Munda since she was in first grade now my daughter is a sophomore and we still see her‼️🥰We love her very much...♥️She has a beautiful spirit, Awesome, Caring & So patient when it comes to my child's health.She will do whatever it takes to keep your child well.My daughter loves her and can't wait to see her whenever she has to see her.I could say so much more‼️ She is such a phenomenal Doctor ❤️

   — Jamie Ellis


Dr. Munda is brilliant, we are lucky to have her as our pediatrician. I absolutely adore her and her staff.

   — Allison Ridley


Love her. She is a wonderful doctor. I thank God for anointed doctor's like her. Would highly recommend her.

   — Amber Taliaferro


Very kind, knowledgeable and compassionate.

   — Shawntina Walker


She is a wonderful pediatrician and person. If your looking she is the one. 9 years ago she diagnosed my sons heart defect. He’s happy and healthy.

   — Sarah Jo Jones


Excellent doctor! You will Never want to see another doctor

   — Kat


Very personable. After my son was sick and sent to children's hospital she called and checked in on him everydat

   — Dr. Marinel Munda


I switched to Dr. Munda for my one-year old son, and was impressed by her amount of professionalism and knowledge. She was more thorough than previous pediatricians we have seen and I have made an appointment to get my daughter established under her care as well. I would highly recommend her!

   — Kathy Kennedy


I love Munda she is fantastic. If the kids are sick she is quick to get them in. She cares about your children. Her love for her job shines through everything she does. I highly recommend taking your child or children to see her.

   — Chelsea Murray


Once you get past the fairly incompetent scheduling line...Dr. Munda is a great physician and her nurse Amy is just as sweet and smart! My son has dealt with staph infections and she was afraid to admit it was too much for her to handle and got us transferred to Children's right away. She is also very thorough and very kind. She never hesitates to ask how we as parents are doing and gives us advice to hang in there and not just on how to take care of our son.

   — Chelsea

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