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Reviews for Andrea Cooley, DO, FACOS


The praises go to God working through Andrea Cooley hands . I have not had any issues out of my surgery just pain so far . I called the office for pain meds the nurse was rude right off the bat and I told her she did not have to be rude . I had a three wedge biopsy on my lung it has not been three weeks but almost since surgery and I still hurt I requested a little more pain medicine and was told it’s been over ten days since my surgery I would have to go to my primary.. so that oh so sweet surgery crew went straight from all sweet and we care to it is your problem now patient.. Some people can tolerate pain better than others . I for one can not !! Today is February 24 th in two day it will be a month since surgery an im Still In pain this surgery has interfered and changed my whole life for the worse . I do not have the energy I did have I only have pain and I can barely do anything at all . I totally regret having this surgery for nothing it only established what I already knew and already was diagnosed with now I’m totally worse off than I was before this . I regret it I really do

   — Janet Clark


I had a ablation procedure done beautifully in Florida at UFloridaHealth. I just found this superb explanation of the entire heart repair program done by Dr. Cooley. I have sent it to a number of potential patients around the county and Europe. There are MANY older cardiologists around the USA who describe their own work to me as "potentially obsolete". I know 2 friends personally, just retired, who made this comment.

   — Dacarls


I agree with the post praising Dr. Cooley's YouTube discussion of A-fib. It is now being circulated among members of the Senior Masters Forum, which is a listserv for masters swimmers 60 years and older, many of whom suffer from A-fib. It is well known that older male endurance athletes in swimming, running, ccycling, etc. experience A-fib at nine times the rate in the general population. The benefits of our exercise regimen are tremendous, so our doctors do not advise us to stop exercising. But how we treat A-fib so as not to interfere with our sports activity and not create more problems for ourselves is key, and Dr. Cooley's presentation is spot on with excellent advice about alternative treatments. Kudos to her for doing this public service.

   — Sanford Thatcher


Dr. Cooley’s explanation on You Tube of Atrial Fibrillation was absolutely brilliant. It’s a complex topic and she did a fabulous job of keeping it in language that a lay person could understand. Her use of visual aids was both essential, yet again, not overly technical. It will help my family discuss a loved one’s condition in a far more informed manner. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

   — Jack Segal


The best experience that could have anticipated

   — Robert Frreeman


Very professional and caring, willing to listen and take time to answer any and all concerns. Very competent. Would highly recommend. Very thorough and straight forward.

   — John A. Crnkovich

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