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Reviews for Alireza Behboudi, DO


Very professional and had a great bedside manner. He took his time to explain the surgeries and answer any questions I had. Great overall experience with Dr. Behboudi

   — Wendy F


excellent doctor, I am so lucky to be able to have him as my doctor.

   — Linda L Henwood


Other than having to wait over an hour, all was good. The nurses were very nice and apologized for the delay. De Behboudi answered all my questions. He is very knowledgeable and kind.

   — Rita J. Jones


made an appointment easily as I have seen Dr Conflitti numerous times, and Dr Diviney so I was seen within a week of the call to see him. He told me I wasn't a candidate for the surgery and referred me to another Dr at the Azaelia Clinic on Golden road

   — Michael Morris


So happy I was give the opportunity to have Dr. B as my ortho doc. He is very knowledgeable and has great bedside manners. I highly recommend him.

   — Michelle Majors


I expect a lot out of folks here in my fantastic native state of Texas. They did not disappoint in even one way. Minus covid I would've wanted to give some of them a big hug. No exaggerations.

   — Karen


I had broken my upper left humerus in 3 places.

   — NP


My best friend has had 2 shoulder surgeries and my dad being a veteran has personally asked for Dr.B to do his shoulder surgery. Now I go to Dr.B for my hand. I got into a car wreck and seen a docter at another hospital that wrongly diagnosed me when I seen how well he treated my family I to wanted a second opinion. When I seen Dr.B in the office he was quick in and out but if you have any questions for him he will take his time to answer them all. Its a little hard to get in touch with him sometimes but he definitely takes care of you every way possible. He is no medacine pusher. So if that's what your looking for he's not the one. I love Dr.B his P.A and the staff. I will continue to recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you!!!

   — Precious Page


He was great. Very nice and to the point. He did a wonderful job with my son.

   — Rachel Fouse


Too overbooked , not enough with me to hear about my problem and really made me feel , he really didn't care

   — Jackie


I lost my foot in a car accident in April of 2021. Dr. Behboudi and Shawn shaved my foot! I still have a long way to go but because of them, I have my foot! I would highly recommend him and his staff. He and Shawn care about you and do what is best. Just remember, they can only do what they can do. If you do your part too, your care will be a success!

   — Jessica Tate


I love dr.b he had to take my right leg below the knee several yrs ago..very good dr.some nurses could be better...I go see him àgain see about a debrement...

   — Ginger Scholl


Best Surgeon EVER! He is AWESOME!❤️❤️

   — Ruby Lewis


Behboudi was very nice and welcoming! We took our 1 year old to see him and he was always calm, gentle, and patient with our little one. He never rushed us and always sounded like he wanted to be there helping us. We loved his kindness and all the time he spent on us! Great doctor!

   — Ben F.


Dr. Behboudi did my ankle surgery and it has been 5 years this month. He did a great job all while making me laugh as much as possible! He is the best!

   — East Texas Food Bank Child Hunger Programs


Dr Behboudi did my ankle surgery 2 months ago and done awesome job. Couldn't ask for a better Dr. His staff is friendly and helpful.

   — Stephanie Kizer


The best surgeon I've had both times will recommend him to everyone I know he is great

   — Debbie Walczak


I love Dr. Behboudi. He performed surgery on my leg and had to repair two broke bones. He admitted me into the hospital the weekend before my surgery scheduled for a Monday because he was concerned I would injure it worse before then. He also said he could give me stronger pain meds if I was in the hospital rather than sending me home for the weekend. He has the best bedside manner and his office staff was great as well. The ETMC in Tyler, in which he performed my surgery, was great too. All of the nurses, aides, doctors, cafeteria employees, housekeeping....everyone was very polite and worked well together to provide excellent care. Dr. Behboudi also performed surgery on my brother’s arm and his knee. He is very precise and does a good job. I will continue to go to him in the future, if needed, and recommend him to everyone.

   — Nature Anguiano


I would 100% recommend Dr. Behboudi! He did such a great job fixing my foot!!! His PA Eric and his nurses are also so AMAZING!!!!

   — Fern Wear


I broke my ankle and he was amazing watching it heal. I have had nothing but an enjoyable experience with him. However, Eric his PA is rude and does not know how to listen. I wish he would of never been apart of my case. But Dr. Behboudi is wonderful!

   — Flint, TX

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