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Reviews for Umair Sohail, MD


Great doctor ! He cares and he is thorough and very supportive and understanding. He’s truly excellent.

   — Marwan Al-Shammari


So far, so good. He seemed very professional, and we liked his bedside manner. He is being very thorough with what is going on, and we are happy so far.

   — Tia Jones


I found Dr.Sohail to be very good! He took time to explain what was done in surgery and showed concern with understanding! We travel for work so miss being able to continue going to him. Thanks Dr. Sohail!

   — Donna Gutowski


He was very kind and listened to me. He was not impatient and took his time, which is rare these days. It's hard getting an appointment or get through to his office, but he is a good doctor and I am glad he is treating me. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

   — K. Pinotti


Great doctor, very compassionate and took his time to explain the procedure and answer all my questions. Highly recommend him!!

   — Evan Willian


Only saw him before and after surgery but was very thorough.

   — Lyndal Lee In Yantis, Tx


I only have seen this doctor the one time before and after surgery. He explained what he was doing and why. After he explained what was done, what was found and follow up if needed. He was professional, kind and informative. 5 stars.

   — Uppityone In Kilgore

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