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Reviews for Kendra Tay Hoyle, MD


Upon entering, the office staff was friendly and quick to assist. Dr. Hoyle as always was professional with an unbelievable memory of my past visits as well as those of my family members and takes the time to catch up and check up on everyone. We have been well taken care of and so appreciative of Dr. Hoyle for over a decade now. She is just such an outstanding Doctor and person!

   — Scot Kuslak


Dr. Kendra Hoyle leaves no stone unturned when it comes to my health and her care. She always takes the time to explain everything and listen to my questions. She responds to my messages thru the portal in a timely and very informative manner. In short, I'm very comfortable that she's managing my total healthcare very well and always with my wellbeing and dignity in mind. Can highly recommend her as a primary care physician.

   — Ron Merritt


My family adores Dr. Kendra Hoyle. She is mine, my old boy and baby’s physician which I love so we’re all in one place for care. She is very knowledgeable and trusting but also relatable and makes me feel heard. She is a very busy lady but works her best to have children be seen by her when they are sick. I couldn’t recommend her more

   — Alyssa Daniels


Dr. King is many blessings. My husband and I, have her as our family Dr. She is excellent professional. It’s our 2nd year with her. We are very blessed.

   — Lecy McCardell


Discussed medications. Blood work.

   — Jack Pickens


Dr. King is such a good doctor. I recommend her to all my friends. She’s good at what she does and she’s so calming and really listens and answers questions in the most relatable way.

   — Virginia


All staff are efficient and informative. They explain their work and your participation.

   — Gary Bronson


This was my first visit with Dr King. I changed because her office is considerably closer & she came highly recommended

   — Jcd49


I feel that Dr. King really cares about her patients and goes that extra mile to answer your questions. Not only is she professional but knowledgeable as well and I would recommend her to anyone who needs a good doctor. If you are not happy with your current medical professional do yourself a favor and check out Dr. King.

   — Dr King A/k/a Dr. Hoyle


Timely wait to see Dr. All questions answered and an over all good experience. She is the best.

   — Judy Brooks


Dr. King has been attending my medical needs for several years. She is a very thorough doctor and has a wonderful bed-side manner. I am very impressed and satisfied with the attention and care I am given. I consider Dr. King as someone very special.

   — Kathy Maygielf


Dr. Hoyle is very thorough and takes time to listen and and give you the best options for your medical care. She is very caring and doesn’t sugar coat what you have to do to get well! Love her!!

   — Happy Patient


Very knowable and most companionate of any Dr. That has ever treated me.

   — Albert McKinley


She ALWAYS has time for questions and explanations for whatever I need to know. I couldn't have made a more perfect choice for a primary care physician. Thank you Dr. King

   — Becky Erb


Postop visit having partial right lung removed

   — Dave Borden


Dr. Kendra King is a wonderful, caring and understanding doctor. She goes above and beyond to help her patients.

   — Lesley Way


I could not have found a better physician than Dr. King. From my very first visit to my most recent, she has been that rare doctor who listens firstly, understands secondly, and suggests thirdly. Her understanding of the many issues I have (kidneys, cancer, neuropathy, etc) give me complete confidence that she will guide me to the proper course. A wonderful doctor as well as a genuine human being.

   — Hugh McMahon


Dr. King cared for my husband during his last months and always made time for us. She told us the truth with compassion and kept an eye on me too! Many times she has fought for us, calling a hospital ahead of our arrival to make sure we got the ER care we needed. Once when the ER refused to give me an infusion for COVID, she called the hospital administrator who ordered ER to treat me! She also dealt well with my rare illnesses instead of ignoring them. I have great respect for her, but sometimes it can be hard to get a fast appointment.

   — Rick’s Wife


Dr Kendra King is a level headed, compassionate doctor who is willing to think out of the box, be honest, and fight for her patients. When I had COVID and was turned away by the ER three times for infusion, she hounded the hospital staff at 11pm until they gave it to me! When my husband was so very sick with cancer and she called an ambulance to take him to ER, the ambulance crew questioned my husbands need for an ambulance. ( He tended to present very well.) We took that ambulance and he never did make it back home. When she heard from the nurse how they harassed us, she called the ambulance crew and chewed them out! I had a very rare migraine and was multi chemical sensitivite. Few doctors respect unusual or rare things. She never told me that I was crazy and truly worked to improve my health. The only negative point is that sometimes the office seems short staffed since they’ve moved into their newer building, and it can take awhile to get an appointment with her.

   — Billie Jo Long


Very concerned about my health and my overall needs

   — Karen


Dr King is a great doctor! She takes her time to listen and you don’t feel rushed. She shows concern. I had a critical issue and ended up going to hospital. She made sure my wife was ok with taking me to the ER or I could go by ambulance. Great family doctor

   — Ken Alexander


Dr. King is brilliant and amazing! I couldn’t give a higher recommendation. She and her staff always take excellent care of me and my family.

   — HWells


Usually minimum wait time for appointment. Doctor visit covers any and all issues that are of interest to better your health.

   — Dan Howe


I've been seeing Dr. King for approximately 10 years, and wouldn't go to another family doctor. I am a heart, lung and arthritis patient. She has literally saved my life more than once. I honestly believe she is the best doctor that's ever cared for me.I totally trust her with my life. She says what she means, and means what she says.

   — George Saintignan


My wife Alice really enjoyed seeing Dr King who patiently listened to her concerns and remedied her symptoms with an excellent treatment plan

   — Jeffrey Woodworth


Dr. King is a warm and very kInd doctor. She spends time with you and listens to you and gives great advice.I feel very safe in her hands..She is a great doctor.

   — Sharon Haskins


Dr. King is the best!

   — Jeff Boyce


I've only visited with Dr. King twice, but both times she displayed compassion, knowledge, and a sense of humor rarely found in the profession these days. She took the time to listen to even the smallest symptoms and made appropriate recommendations. During the pandemic, she provided virtual visits and did not "push" to send me to specialists, knowing my hesitancy due to fear of the virus.

   — PB


I have 2 girls and 2 boys. My girls see Dr. King and the boys see Dr. Wilson. Both are amazing. My oldest is almost 20 and still goes to her. She is understanding and is more like a 2nd Mom. I can tell them something and they are like "whatever". Dr. King says the exact same thing, "Yes, ma'am! You know exactly what I'm talking about!". 😏

   — Amanda Cole


My family uses this clinic and absolutely love eveyone! My wife has been going to the clinic for years now our son goes there and he is 2! Dr. Kendra King is great and trust worthy and will give you her suggestions but absolutely respect your decisions as parents and care for you children as her own! We love her and can trust her recomendarions and advice. She always welcomes questions and as new parents we have alot and she has taken great attention nd care to my wifes postpartum mental health which mean alot to our family. Plus our son loves her and all the nurses and staff!

   — Brian Vickers


Dr. Kendra (as my kiddos call her) is awesome! She sees both of my children & always makes them feel welcome & well taken care of. Usually I have to remind them that the Dr. has other patients that she needs to see & can’t just hang out with us when we visit. It makes a Mom’s heart happy when her kiddos are treated with such care!

   — Jerri Johnson, REALTOR


Quick and friendly service. Office staff and clinical personnel. I will be back with my family and friends.

   — Sharon Kling


Only 1 of my 3 children are seen by Mrs King. She is really great in assuring me that my child is growing correctly and helping with any issues we have.

   — H B


Dr. King is by far the most caring doctor I have ever been to. She takes the time to answer all questions that I have. I highly recommend her.....

   — Mark Long


She is amazing!

   — Tanya Watkins


I have been seeing Dr. King for over a year. In my 65 years on this planet I have never come across a more thoughtful, caring and kind doctor. I always feel that I'm in good hands with Dr. King.

   — Ron W.


Dr. King was very helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of my symptoms. She was very thorough.

   — Kimberly Osbourn


Very nice and straightforward. Will help you if you want to help yourself. Very into patient empowerment. Will explain anything you want

   — Jalex Ishram

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