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Reviews for Doug Johnston, DO


Dr. Johnston has been my PCP since I moved to Tyler, he's always helpful and genuine when we talk about my health and medications. I like a doctor that doesn't beat around the bush, he gives it to you straight. If you're a smoker, he will address it. My last doctor just threw pills in my face and only cared about getting me in and out as quickly as possible. The world needs more Dr. Johnston's!

   — Garynn Cahill


consummate professional, extremely thorough, gentle manner; I cannot say enough good about this exemplary doctor.

   — DG Montalvo


Dr Johnston is a class act. We’ve been going to him for over 17 years. Always listens to you first and has always been spot on for diagnosis and treatment. Hands down, best Family Doctor around.

   — Rudy Plaza


He is very thorough and caring. He listens well and explains till you understand. He cures the problem instead of doling out medications for the symptoms and he refers to specialists for complex problems. I am healthier because of his care.

   — CAM


Dr. Johnston is a very dedicated and caring physician! He is like a member of your family!

   — Diana King


I was newly diagnosed with diabetes in March of this year. He told me i didnt have to check my blood augar. He drew blood and said he would call if ye needed to out me on meds. I waited a week still no call. I had to call him twice to finally get someone to call me back. I am not impressed.

   — Mswatsername31


Always easy to get in to see Dr. Johnston. Explains everything in a clear manner.

   — Brian Jones


Dr. Johnston is thorough, caring, knowledgeable, and very down-to-earth. I am very satisfied with his care.

   — Tyler, TX


I have been treated by Dr Johnston for several years now. I would describe Dr Johnston as humble, caring, who takes a real interest in me as a patient. Dr Johnston does not talk down to me as many Dr's tend to do. Dr Johnston is not arrogant but is obviously very knowledgeable in his profession . I highly recommend him.

   — J K


Dr. Doug Johnston and his staff are great! He has been my primary care physician for a couple of years now and he always provides the best advice and treatment during every visit. He takes time to listen to my concerns and explains what treatment options I have. I highly recommend him! Jan Dove

   — Randy Dove

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